Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for StarPay

1. What is Starpay?

Starpay is an app that provides electronic money services for everyday use and convenience. You can send money to and from different Starpay wallets, pay bills, and load-up your prepaid devices.


2. Can I use multiple devices for my account?

Yes you can log in from different devices but NOT at the same time.


3. Can I have many wallets under one account?

You can only have one account under one mobile phone number.


4. What do I do when I forgot my password?

You can use our in-app feature to reset your password.


5. I got locked out for too many password attempts! What do I do?

Please call our Hotline at 8333-STAR(7827) for us to assist you in resolving this matter.


6. How can I go beyond more than my cash out limit?

Get yourself leveled up and become a Level 2 or Level 3 User! Contact our Hotline and begin our Enrollment process for a higher user level.


7. Do I need a maintaining balance amount?

No, because unlike most bank accounts, we don’t have a minimum maintaining balance.


8. Is there a maximum limit to how much my digital wallet can hold?

Level 1 and 2 users can have a maximum of P100,000 at any given time. Level 3 users have a maximum limit of P100,000 monthly.


9. How do I put money inside my Starpay wallet?

You can Cash In at any of our business partners and affiliate banks to load your wallet.


10. Is there a way I can cash out my Starpay money?

You can Cash Out your money via our partner banks and establishments. Choose whichever service is convenient and nearest to you via the Cash Out option.


11. How do I use the QR Code feature?

Simply press the QR code icon to generate your QR code. Have your friend with a Starpay account scan it to send you money!


12. How do I increase my user level to gain access to more features?

Access the “Upgrade User Level” button in the menu. For Level 3 upgrades, contact our Hotline at 8333-STAR(7827) or email us at and begin our Enrollment process for a higher membership level.


13. What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to use your app?

You’ll need an Android Smartphone running at least Android 5.1 Lollipop, with at least 512 MB RAM and a 4-inch screen, or an iOS device running iOS11 onwards.


14. Where can I contact you for any problems or disputes when using the app’s services?

You can contact us at our Hotline at 8333-STAR(7827) for any inquires or concerns regarding the app’s usage. You may also email us at


15. How can I start using Starpay?

Simply search for “Starpay” on Google Play or the Apple App Store and download our app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, register your mobile number in the registration form in the app, complete a few contact details and you are done!


16. What can we do with your app?

You can pay your bills from our list of billing partners and you can also purchase e-load at a discount. Just pick what you need to do inside our app, fill up a few details and let the app do the rest!