The programmer writes code to create software programs. They turn the program design created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow.


  • Designs, documents, develops, tests and deploys complex, scalbale, highly available and reusable applications.
  • Works closely with the project managers, business analyst, and architects to understand business requirements.
  • Prepares reference for users by writing operating instructions. 4. Maintains historical records by documenting program development and revisions.
  • Maintains client confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops.
  • Codes and tests programming for in-house software programs. 8. Debug code for existing programs based on immediate needs.
  • Conducts end-user training upon completion of software.
  • Implements systems in in-house production environment.
  • Reports issues and concerns immediately to Development Head.
  • Troubleshoots systems bugs and issues.
  • Tests code periodically to ensure it produces the desirable results and perform debugging when necessary.
  • Ensures direct communication over email, chats, and ticketing chain to ensure timely resolution of identified issues.
  • Takes accountability and ownership of assigned tasks to meet commitments to Adheres to organization administrative policies.
  • Supports business operations, as necessary.


SpringBoot, Jdbc, NodeJS, ReactJS, SQL, ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ